Media’s Social Anxieties

Media is a result of human demand. The media is a constantly changing and adapting machine due to the wants, need and beliefs of society. That means the anxieties that are believed to be created by the media are created by the problems facing society at that certain point in time. For example, if there is an increase in violence it is common that violent video games are put to the blame. Throughout this piece I will focus on the anxieties that face social media as its now something that my generation has grown up with and to be frank is hard to imagine life without it. At this point in time the main anxiety in this facet of media is intrusion of terrorist brands into the medium.

The Islamic State (ISIS) have used social media to spread their message of violence and propaganda. ISIS do this through videos, posters and general hate spreading messages across numerous social media mediums. This is the most serious anxiety in the media today as it is one of the most prominent issues facing the safety of basically the whole world. This creates more angst for the already criticised form of media. Social media has been under fire since the day it began, due to issues such as cyber bullying, laziness and even blamed for decline in social skills. ISIS have utilised social medias ability to reach all corners of the globe to be able to recruit members simply over a Facebook conversation. This potentially gives ISIS soldiers all around the world. We have proof of this through the recent tragedies in Paris and Brussels but also there are been a number of young Australians devoting their faith to radical Islam.

Although this is the major anxiety at the moment there are underlying problems that are caused by people using the power of social media for bad. Another major issue is older men using social media to take advantage of vulnerable children using fake profiles. As mentioned before cyber bullying is a direct side-effect from social media. Causing depression in primarily teenagers and in extreme cases caused suicide.

Social Media if used in the wrong way creates many problems facing today’s society. The members of the so called ‘online generation’ have been brought up in an online reality, which can make things like cyber bullying and brainwashing from ISIS feel a lot more real.


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