Contaminated Media

The media is where we find out about what is going on around us. Where we read opinions and form our own from doing so. Thus the importance of media ownership and diversity is great. In Australia there is a lack of diversity in media ownership as there are only nine people that control the Australian media. This is something that needs to be monitored because the media is an extremely powerful industry and can have large affect on the way people think. In this piece I’m going to look at how media can negatively affect large audiences, therefore highlighting the importance of diversity in ownership. (I apologise in advance if this is one-sided) I do this through looking into the media and Indigenous Australia.

Indigenous Australia a lot of the time isn’t represented correctly in the media. A prime example of this came up recently when the Invasion vs. Settlement debate hit Australia again. Channel 7’s Sunrise decided to bring up the issue and interview two different people on the issue, a Herald Sun Columnist and a well-known 2GB radio host Alan Jones. Alan Jones previously stated, “we needed stolen generations”, so bringing someone like this to speak on this topic was deliberate and planned. The popular morning show decided to pick two people with the same views, that Australia was colonised. This gives a completely one-sided view and gives people watching from home one way of thinking. There was no Indigenous representative or anyone for that matter with a conflicting view. Also the fact that it was two respected writers makes it even more convincing. An issue as important as this should have a fair, balanced argument rather than the one provided.

On the other hand, the ABC provided a more balanced look at the issue on a show called, ‘The Drum’ where they highlight both sides of the issue fairly. Although there was no Indigenous representative and the views are quite light, the members were fair and reasonable. Much different to that of Channel 7’s Sunrise.


I’m sure you’re asking how does this tie in with media ownership. Well I used this example to highlight how powerful the media can be. If an owner wants a certain angle or point driven, that owner can do it over multiple mediums. Thus it is so important to keep the media diverse in ownership so we aren’t all thinking the same way.


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